El coll de les planes is an area located in the lower part of the Tivissa mountain range, which defines meridionally Mora’s tectonic basin. This position explains the most important features of a territory that historically has lived from the dry farming organized in the mountain slopes by dry stonewalls forming terraces.
The refuge is placed in a small farming terrace. The self-constructed ground floor, made out with simple materials was used as a shelter from inclement weather during the long field working days.
The rehabilitation is proposed through the incorporation of a dry stonewall of the terrace in the indoor space and the extension of the outdoor with a porous ceramic porch adapted to the existing inclinations. It allows water filtering and natural lighting, relaxing moments in the shade.

Cook, warm and protect oneself from the sun and the rain in a shelter fixed to the landscape by a dry stonewall.


Rehabilitation and extension
of an agricultural refuge
Coll de les Planes, Ginestar
under construction