paper & needle-description

The sewn binding has multiples possibilities, all of them very interesting and often combined together. It is a very good option from the ecological point of view, since no any synthetic adhesive is used.
This research gathers up different types through the manual sewing. The producing process, his complexity and durability, are some of the features that have been taken into account in the conclusions. We will need: kraft cardboard, revive paper 100% ecological, white thread, auger, ruler, fasteners, scissors, cuter, cutting mat. 1.the sheets are folded 2.are grouped with the cover 3.are fixed all together 4.the future sewing path is perforated sewed 6.fasteners are removed 7.the notebook is pressed 8.the sheets are cut.

singer sewing, lateral, a caballete, sewing rustic, stapling, japanese, french, fold out, rings, spiral, accordion, elastic rubber, folded, flap, double, canadian, fabric.

paper & needle


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