We explore and work in areas related to architecture and design in different scales by sensitive strategies to the memory of places and the environment. We seek to answer contemporary social and cultural changes of our cities and territories through interventions, whose aim is make people’s life better.

> 1st prize. 2017. The restoration of la Trinitat facades awarded with 1st prize in the restoration category in the X Tarragona Architectural Exhibition. Jury: Joaõ Mendes Ribeiro/Eugeni Bach and Clara de Solà Morales.
> Finalist. 2017. Estudi NUA and Transformables finalists in the interior design and ephemeral architecture in the X Tarragona Architectural Exhibition. Jury: Joaõ Mendes Ribeiro/Eugeni Bach and Clara de Solà Morales.
> Finalist. 2017. Competition for the refurbishment of a dwelling for the Institution of Mental Health of Catalunya (FMMC).
> 1st prize. 2016. NUA arquitectures winning project in the sustainability and energy efficiency category of the Emprèn Awards 2016, Diputació of Tarragona.
> Selected project. 2016. SDA selected and catalogued for the V Edition Arquia/próxima by Fundación Arquia.
> 1st prize. 2016. NUA+NAM+Estanislau Roca, Competition for the Masterplan of the roman Circus of Tarragona. Ajuntament de Tarragona.
> Shortlisted as building of the year. 2016. SDA nominated at the Industrial Architecture Category as building of the year 2016 by Plataforma Arquitectura/Archdaily.
> Selected for the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016. 2016. Service center for food distribution selected as one of the 7 buildings to represent Catalunya in the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016. Curators: Jaume Prat / Jelena Prokopljevic and Isaki Lacuesta.
> 1st prize. 2015. First prize in the restricted competition for the refurbishment of Torredembarra’s theatre hall. Ajuntament de Torredembarra.
> 1st prize. 2015. SDA awarded with Alejandro de la Sota prize and first prize in the public use category in the IX Tarragona Architectural Exhibition. Jury: Jordi Garcés / Lola Domènech and Josep Torrents.
> 2nd Prize. 2015. NUA+NAM, ‘La Muntanyeta’ competition, refurbishment and extension of the old Bonavista secundary school into a new facility for the Provincial Association of Cerebral Paralysis of Tarragona.
> Finalist project. 2014. ‘Welcome home’ Solvia housing design innovation Award. Jury: Anne Lacaton / Miquel Molins / Josep Bohigas / Juan Herreros / Xavier Monteys and Zaida Muxí.
> 2nd Prize. 2014. NUA+ZFA, ‘Transformadors building’ competition, BIMSA. Facility for elderly and young people in Barcelona.
> Honourable mention. 2014. ‘Altres pessebres’ competition. Jury: Manuel Gausa / Carme Pigem / Pep Duran / Alfons Flores / Josep Bofill and Eva prats.
> Selected project. 2014. Young emerging studio of the North and East area in the IV edition of the arquia/próxima program.
Jury: Toni Riba Galí / Pere Buil y Stepien y Barnó.
> 1st Prize. 2013. House for Pau & Rocío awarded in the VIII Exhibition of architecture from Tarragona. Jury: Josep Llinàs/ Mamen Domingo / Roger Miralles / Jacqueline Pacheco / Josep Puig Torné and Agustí Pujol.
> Finalist project. 2013. Internacional contest Next Landmark of Floornature. House for Pau & Rocio in Botarell.
> 3rd Prize. 2013. Contest for the refurbishment of AEQT headquarters Associació d’Empreses Químiques de Tarragona.
> Honourable mention. 2013. ISARCH awards competition, Final thesis project Organic infrastructure for life.
> 1st Prize. 2012. AJAC awards 2012 Final thesis project modality. Contest organized for AJAC Agrupació de Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya.
> Finalist project. 2012. Cathedra Hispalyt contest. Visitors center and urban access to the castle of Sagunt.
> Finalist project. 2011. Architecture projects contest Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica and Iguzzini Illuminazione 2009-2011.
> Selected project. 2011. XI BEAU Final thesis project Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo XI.
> 2nd Prize. 2010. BIARCH award for architectural final thesis projects. Contest organized by Barcelona Institute of Architecture.