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La trinitat-data

architects>  Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena i Ferran Tiñena, NUA arquitectures.

consultant>  Josep Anguera.

constructor> Rècop, restauracions arquitectòniques.

signage design> NUA arquitectures.

signage manufacture> RELS.

area> 490m².

budget> 58.340€.

publications>  Divisare

la Trinitat

in between-description

The richness of the Eixample architecture is discovered, especially, reading sections. The strategy of the project is to design a perimeter void system at different heights for filling with air and light the building.
This proposal explores the possibilities of the intermediate spaces, air spaces that pretend to bring light to the more central areas of the buiding and become like a second façade to control the Eixample elongated buildability.
The proposal reflects the rich architectural tradition of patios, galleries and facades of the Eixample of Barcelona, spaces that move between the boundaries between inside and outside, and between public and private, functionally becoming spaces of ambiguity that blurred the boundaries of the building.
The organization of the building is simple and flexible, and constructive and structural system are based on the minimum organizational laws to minimize the ecological footprint of the building.
All the spaces like offices, meeting rooms and meeting areas have direct exterior ventilation and natural light and seek further extension in any of the variable section and location in between spaces, small islands of relationship and rest that allow to control the building climate naturally.

Explore the “Eixample” typical intermediate spaces generating a variable section building permeable to air and light.

in between

la muntanyeta-data

architects>  NAM arquitectura + NUA Arquitectures.

consultant>  Alberto Viñas.

structures>  WINDMILL Structural Consultants.

instalations consultant>  Enric Sanz.

promoter>  Associació provincial de paràlisi cerebral.

area>  refurbishment: 1.280m², extension: 625m², urbanization: 15.527m².

budget>  refurbishment: 1.054.069€, extension: 502.324€, urbanization: 333.296€.

exhibitions>  COAC Tarragona, 2014.

publications>  Beta architecture.

la Muntanyeta

la muntanyeta-description

The new headquarters of the Provincial Association of Cerebral Palsy of Tarragona is the result of the transformation of the area of the old Bonavista high school, today abandoned. The project is based on three operations:
Tidy. The whole urban area of the building, with its attached external spaces, is rethink separating activity from circulation spaces and concentrating the flow of vehicles and buses on the road from Reus, far away from the neighbourhood.
Recycle. The old rationalist building is refurbished through several light and reversible operations without affecting the original identity of the high school, preserving the prefabricated construction systems. The old building is thermally conditioned, damaged components are replaced and new divisions by mobile wooden panels are made to give maximum flexibility, introducing the new programme ensuring the good orientation of all the pieces and its delicate system of relationships that this center needs.
Grow. As a result of the limited space available in the existing building, an extension through a lightweight and modular system with capacity for growth is proposed. This new small extension is perpendicular to the existing building creating a new access and refocusing the entire system. A transparent, horizontal and low-impact device that contrasts with the solidity of the existing Institute but that establishes a dialogue with it, giving continuity in the logic of industrial systems.

Transform an abandoned building in a warm and welcoming centre organizing an urban area, recycling a building and proposing a reversible and modular growth system.

la Muntanyeta