caritas 50-description

This exhibition is conceived as an open system with capacity to adopt several geometries and adapt to different spaces.
The system is formed by 3 folding wooden modules, that allow ‘to hang’ and transmit any type of information to the visitors.
It is a modular, auto-stable system, groupable, easily transportable, adaptable to different spaces, versatile, recyclable, which needs little space to be stored, feature that facilitate its roaming and reusability.
In the Càritas, 50 years next to you, the signage is engraved and in the wooden panels which frame and support the original materials.

The design is based in a modular system, folding, auto-stable and reusable, a group of ‘frames and shelves’ through which discover the evolution of Càritas Tarragona during the past 50 years.



Design and coordination
of the itinerant exhibition
Càritas, 50 years next to you