The complexity and overlapping cultures and heritage of Sagunt cannot be understood without considering the geology as the fundamental element of this territory.
We consider the topography as the start of the project, the essence of the place upon which there were alternating different civilizations throughout history looking for elevated places to guard their domains.
The mountain will give us the keys to chart a path that will draw the narrative sequence town-theatre-Castle rising up the hill.
We propose a ceramic path from the theatre’s square, still in the town, to the castle at the top of the hill that gradually reveals to the visitant diverse situations, expansions and contractions that become terraces and viewpoints, stairs and ramps connecting different levels combining short and panoramic visuals and a parking space for the visitors.
The pavilion designing strategy comes from make small incisions in the old town fabric, detecting those buildings damaged or abandoned.
This exercise of surgery allows integration of the building into the scale of the houses without being aggressive to the neighborhood and without incorporating a big, foreign piece that competes with the theatre and the castle.

This project is in essence a path. A ceramic travel which is deposited on the Rocky strata of the mountain that gradually reveals diverse situations and connects different levels combining short and panoramic views.


New access to the castle
Sagunt, València
Finalist Hispalyt competition